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PIMS-SCA & the risk landscape for

Fixed Fee & Over Redemption

What is Fixed Fee & Over Redemption insurance?

We know that sometimes the number of variables involved in costing a campaign can appear daunting. Wouldn’t it be great if all the costs were covered by one single, fixed fee? Well, they can…

Benefit – Fixed budget guaranteed

We deliver the most appropriate, secure solution with the guarantee it can all be achieved within a fixed budget.

Benefit – No logistical headaches

We manage the financial side and all logistical elements of each promotion ensuring your promises are delivered with no management headaches.

Benefit – You have £10 million cover

Make a real impact with the most financially secure Fixed Fee & Over Redemption insurance available with a trusted Lloyd’s broker. Up to £10 million cover.


A Fixed Fee campaign run through PIMS-SCA allows you to focus on the creative and messaging side of the promotion, knowing that you can trust us to deliver the rest within one single agreed, fixed fee.

We not only calculate the risk involved, we then use this to agree an expected redemption rate with you before the campaign even starts. This rate is then passed onto you, paid for upfront, along with the expected costs of running that campaign from prize sourcing to handling and fulfilment and we don’t ask you for a penny more; no matter how many redemptions come in over the lifetime of the promotion, removing all financial risk.

Covering the excess

Over redemption insurance differs slightly to fixed fee, in that it allows you to fund redemptions up to an agreed level. Any redemptions which exceed this level are then covered by PIMS-SCA meaning you will never exceed your marketing budget. Our redemption solutions are flexible and can be purchased for a range of redemptions, or up to 100% coverage – you choose and either way you’re covered!

Maximum impact, controlled costs

Think PIMS-SCA’s Fixed Fee and Over Redemption coverage is a good fit for your next campaign? Call us on +44 (0)20 7255 7900 or email [email protected] to discuss our solutions.