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PIMS-SCA & the risk landscape for

Promotional Marketing

Risk free promotions that are bigger, braver and more effective

Maximise your promotional marketing budget and add impact to your response with PIMS-SCA.

Benefit – Maximise campaign engagement

Our solutions give you the opportunity to be as creative and innovative as possible with your promotions in order to create maximum impact and engagement.

Benefit – Stay in control of the budget

Pre-agreed rates leave you in control of budgets, avoiding unknown additional costs. Feel secure with a solution that suits your needs & manages commercial expectations.

Benefit – Take away the headaches

PIMS-SCA campaign management delivers end-to-end solutions ensuring all promises are delivered while taking care of your financial, logistical and delivery headaches.

30 years of expert experience

PIMS-SCA has 30 years’ experience working with brands and agencies, insuring and protecting some of the most high profile sales promotions to date. We protect against risks of higher than expected responses and paying out for potential prize winners on promotional activity including digital promotions, cashbacks, on-pack coupons, collector schemes and instant wins.

So how does it work?

We offer Fixed Fee, Over Redemption and Prize Coverage insurance to help you achieve higher sales and commercial impact for just a fraction of the prize fund/total risk. Our services are constantly evolving meaning we can support traditional, integrated and digital campaigns ensuring client promotions are a massive success across multiple channels. We’re here to support you. You focus on the creative whilst we take care of the risk.

PIMS-SCA. Your Security Blanket

Essentially, PIMS-SCA is your security blanket! We ensure your promotion stays within budget as the price you pay upfront is final, and should the promotion over-redeem or have a substantial winner its PIMS-SCA that pays.

Across the board

We not only insure promotions, we can also support you with the mechanics of your campaign including stock control, fulfilment, data management, logistics, campaign reporting, warehousing & customer service. Helping you sleep easy knowing your campaign is in a safe pair of hands.

Whichever solution you choose, you have guaranteed security at all stages of the promotion – we have it covered!

Our solutions

Trust in transparency

So, if you are looking for a partner that will provide you with a trusted solution, a transparent budget and collaborative approach to finding the best solution for you, call us to discuss on +44 (0)20 7255 7900. We’d love to talk to you about the endless possibilities of promotional marketing.