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With years of experience in the risk management industry our team of experts certainly know how to protect you, your clients and your audiences.

Our leadership team

Mark Kimber

Mark Kimber – Managing Director
Mark is a leading expert in Jackpot Prize Coverage for the Gaming industry. ACII qualified, and a Chartered Insurance Broker he co-founded PIMS in 1987.
In 1999, PIMS was acquired by Dallas-based SCA Promotions to become PIMS-SCA and in turn, the world’s largest Prize Coverage provider for promotions, games and contests. As Managing Director, Mark is primarily responsible for risk analysis and co-ordinating the more unusual and specialised risks to deliver high-impact, revenue driving promotions to gaming operators.
Mark’s underwriting experience has been fundamental to the company’s ongoing success and he is well respected in the Insurance industry. He is currently on a mission to educate the Gaming industry on Promotional Risk Management and how Jackpot Prize Coverage can benefit their activities.
When he isn’t developing the mathematical models used to rate the risks and analyse the odds associated with big money promotions, Mark is a keen sportsman including playing veteran’s hockey for Wales.

Matt Butcher

Matt Butcher – Board Director, Sales
Matt has been developing new business and practising the dark art of sales for the majority of his career.
Starting out in the mid-90s selling subscriptions and advertising space in the ship broking industry, followed by a spell with a Silicon Valley based tech company, before moving onto selling online advertising management and targeting software.
In 2002 Matt joined PIMS-SCA and has been helping us to develop new business opportunities and revenue streams ever since. Matt sits on the board of directors and enjoys the sales process for the benefit of growing our own business and boosting clients’ sales as well.
Matt wishes that PIMS-SCA had a winter office in a ski resort and that Wales would win every 6 Nations and Rugby World Cup.

Paul Godwin

Paul Godwin – Non-Executive Director
Paul has worked in the UK promotional marketing industry since 1983, holding senior management and strategic positions in agencies working with many household names in B2C and B2B. Paul also lectures on marketing strategy at Universities in London.
Paul served as a Board Director and Insights Consultant at the IPM.
At PIMS-SCA, Paul continues to prove himself a valuable resource for both staff and clients.
A northerner, Paul is now very much at home in our Piccadilly offices in central London. He occasionally tweets his own views @GodwinInsights.

Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson – Senior Account Director, Technical
Lauren has been with PIMS-SCA since 2005, working her way through the ranks to being an integral part of the operation.
Lauren gained her CII Diploma in Insurance and now heads up the team of PIMS-SCA Account Managers making sure every one of them learns from her deep and extensive experience in all aspects of promotional insurance and risk cover.
Lauren’s calm approach makes her a respected and valued resource for brand and agency clients alike and she genuinely loves to get stuck into a new promotion, lending her expertise and experience in some way to almost everything that goes through the business.

Ria Lewis

Ria Lewis – Senior Account Manager
Ria has worked at PIMS-SCA since 2011.
As well as working closely alongside agencies and clients in providing Fixed Fee and Over Redemption Insurance Ria is also solely responsible for the Professional Indemnity Insurance account at PIMS-SCA Ltd. In addition to her experience across all areas of the business she is our resident swot with both CII and IPM credentials.
Not content with only achieving a distinction in the IPM diploma, she also scored the top result of the year!

Katie Shean

Katie Shean – Senior Accounts Manager, Accounts & Office Management
If there is something going on at the PIMS-SCA offices, Katie will be aware of it. An employee since 2005, Katie has built successful, long-term relationships with colleagues and suppliers alike. She knows more than a little about more than a lot of areas within PIMS; however, for anything Accounts related, she’s your girl!
When not at her desk, which is rare, Katie will either be thinking she should be at the gym or planning her next holiday.

Emily Knox

Emily Knox – Account Manager
Emily has only been with PIMS-SCA since early 2017, but she has picked up the ropes and is swinging high. Whilst expanding her knowledge in most areas of the business, she is focusing on the promotional marketing world and all things fixed fee.
Alongside work, Emily is studying towards her CII qualifications and when she doesn’t have her head in a book, she is mostly likely making a cup of tea.

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