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Promotional Tool Kit

We know the briefing and pitching process can be a busy time for agencies and brand owners which is why we offer a free promotional marketing toolkit.

  • Promotional Risk Management Guide: a handy booklet filled with hints and tips on mechanics and response rates. Click here to download your copy.
  • Extensive Online Case Study Library: 200 case studies across promotional marketing, gaming and sport – if you have specific requests by sector or technique contact us today by clicking here or calling us and we’ll share anything we have that may be relevant.
  • Drawserver™:our insurer-approved random number generator (RNG) produces secure and random instant-win draws for your promotion. If your campaign has a need for a random drawing or you need transparency in your drawing process, contact us today by clicking here or calling us and we’ll get straight back to you with a quote.
  • PIMS-SCA’s Response Rate Advisor: a useful tool to give you typical response rates for different mechanics based on data we have collated over the past 30 years. This can help you determine whether a specific mechanic will help meet your objectives. Click here to use the Response Rate Advisor.
  • The Risk-Free Solution to E-Coupons: with ever-increasing industry concerns over security and the costs associated with the misuse of online coupons, e-Demption offers a reliable, entirely risk free solution for distributing printable coupons over the internet. Take a look at our entirely risk free solution.
  • Pitching Service: a free half-day advisory visit to help with your pitch or brief. Call us today to discuss.